Urban fantasy with mages, witches, vampires, and demons.

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(This omnibus contains the first three full-length novels in an action-packed urban fantasy series, which can also be purchased separately):

The Age of Mages (Book I)

The Mage’s Trick (Book II)

The Last Mage (Book III)

So, you wanted my first three adventures collected in one place, did you? Very well. But don’t say I didn’t warn you, dear reader . . .

When the mage Joshua and his vampire father team up to find the former’s kidnapped witch mother, they don’t expect things to go smoothly. But they also don’t expect to open a Pandora’s Box of supernatural secrets–ones that might end the world as we know it.

In their race around the globe to vanquish these threats, Joshua and his allies must go up against several deadly forces. There are snooping mortals from the Paranormal Investigation Agency with the power to undo them. The High Council of Witches that tries to destroy them. Skilled assassins with grudges. Recently-made vampires, eager to put their new killing powers to good use. And ancient vampires and body-snatching demons who want to brutally rule humanity.

Then there’s the mysterious crystal that could be the key to solving all of this. There must be a connection between it and the catastrophes piling up. But throw in some beheadings, bombs, and poison gas attacks, and Joshua may not live long enough to figure out what that connection is.

How many times can a mage save the world? That depends on how many times he can survive.

(And when you’re done, don’t forget to grab All in a Night’s Work (Book 3.5, novella). Get it FREE here. Or, see what deadly, mystical forces Joshua faced as a teen at boarding school in Mage Lessons)!