Patrice Caldwell Won the Book Blogger Giveaway!

Congratulations, Patrice! (isn’t she lovely?)

And the winner of the Book Blogger Appreciation Week giveaway is . . . (drum roll) . . . Patrice Caldwell from! She gets a $25 Starbucks giftcard to spend in stores, online, and . . . on coffee!

Patrice the Book Blogger

Here’s Patrice in her very own words:

Writer, blogger; social media, book + fashion lover. I love to laugh loudly, travel often, sing obnoxiously, bake decoratively, and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

I’m a self-declared mythology, fairy tale, and history buff  as well a paranormal expert (if I could major in Preternatural Biology (Anita Blake) I would). At the age of twelve, seeing nothing else to read that interested me, I picked up a copy of Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire. I didn’t understand most of the book. Nevertheless, I was captivated and have been in love with the genre since then.

I am an English major concentrating in Creative Writing (with a Sociology minor), and I run a lifestyle blog, Whimsically Yours, where I review books and interview authors. I’m also a staff writer for my college’s newspaper, and a member of my college’s literary society. Check out my Favorites Lists!”

I’ve been to Patrice’s book blog, and there’s definitely lots of cool stuff there you’ll want to check out. Here are a few other places you can do so:

If you want to query Patrice, her book review policy can be found here. She also does author interviews, guests posts, and giveaways. For example, she recently hosted an especially awesome giveaway. (ahem) 😉

Patrice the Writer

In addition to being a book blogger, Patrice is a writer herself. Click here to visit her official author site. She is currently working on three manuscripts: BLOOD OF ISIS, CONFESSIONS OF A PRE-TEEN WITCH, & THE OTHERWORLDLY CHRONICLES.

You can also find Patrice the Writer around the web on TwitterGoodreads, and LinkedIn.

Congratulations again, Patrice!

I hope Patrice has a lot of fun with her gift card (though let’s face it: it’s hard to go wrong at Starbucks). If anyone wants to chime in about other book bloggers they like, let me know in the comments!

I’m off to get some coffee of my own. 😉

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Thanks so much Ilana this is beautiful…stay tuned folks for more wonderfulness related to Ilana and Stanley!!!

    Ilana Waters


    Ha-ha–it’s beautiful because of YOU, my friend! I like when nice things happen to nice people.

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