As you know, I love launching new books into the world, so I’m super stoked that Blood and Magic is finally here (and FREE in KU)! Check it out below!

About the book

An ancient, ruthless vampire. A gutsy witch hippie. Both walk into a bar.

And all hell breaks loose.

From USA Today bestselling author Ilana Waters:

Bloodseeker Titus isn’t looking for trouble—just a quick meal. But when his path crosses the witch Abigail’s, that plan gets shot to Hades.

Abigail is a member of the Paranormal Investigation Agency (PIA), a secret organization that can spell death to supernaturals. Titus vows to stay as far away from her as possible. But when Abigail suspects a high-ranking PIA member of a monstrous plot, she vows to investigate. For that, she needs Titus’s special skills.

Against his will, Titus is swept into a world of exploding gas mains, lethal bird-shifters, and sadistic vampire minions. The only way out? Uncover the PIA’s murderous secret. Which means going up against the powerful figure at the center of it all. The only problem is, that person will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Even if it means destroying every supernatural in their path.


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“ ‘On the count of three’?” Abigail called. “Who are you, my mommy?”

“One,” said the vampire with the lighter.

“I don’t think we want to find out if his parental skills are up to par,” Titus said to Abigail. But she wasn’t listening to him. Instead, her eyes were scanning the barware around them. Then, they fell on the dead vampire a few feet away, the handle of a .45 visible just above his waistband.

“Quick!” she said to Titus, who was closer to the dead man. “Give me that gun.”

“What? Why? A gun can’t kill a vampire, you fool.”

“Just give it to me!”

“Two,” the other vampire said. There was the moan of metal as he pulled again on the pipe, which had to be close to breaking by now.

“I need a controlled explosion!” She held out her palm and grabbed at the air impatiently. The gun rose from the dead vampire’s waistband, then snagged.

“A what? Why? Oh, hell.” Titus jerked the gun from the vampire’s belt and thrust it into Abigail’s hand. What does it matter? he thought. In a few seconds, we’re both going to die. He could see no way out of this. His heart began to beat faster, but he would not allow himself the conceit of fear. He had faced death many times. This would be the last.

“Fine, if that’s the way you want to play it,” they heard the vampire with the lighter say. There was a double-whooshing sound as his companions flew to the door. “Thr—”

He never finished. Abigail threw the gun high in the air, where it stayed, a transparent bubble forming around it. She craned her neck back and held her hands before her, her brow furrowed in concentration. There was a loud bang, and the bubble filled with fire. Titus covered his head, certain it was about to burst on top of him.

But Abigail held the bubble together. She took a deep breath and bit her lip. Anything metal around the bar started flying into the bubble, as if it were a magnet. A sharp knife whizzed past Titus’s ear, nearly slicing it off. He peeked over the bar. The other three vampires were staring at the bubble in confusion.

“What the . . .” one of them mouthed.

Shakers, tumblers, spoons . . . anything with a silver glint welded itself to the bubble. To Titus’s amazement, it all started to melt. The gun, the utensils . . . soon, they were a solid metal ball hovering in the air. Then, the mass changed shape. The ball flattened until it was a thin circle, spinning in a blur and a high-pitched whine. Sparks flew off it, just missing the puddles of alcohol all around them. Abigail stood up a little, and the circle whizzed across the room, lodging itself in the door frame next to one of the vampires.

“Connor! Connor!” the vampire in the leather vest screamed, eyes bulging and glued to the floor. Titus stood up halfway, in case it was a trap, or a distraction. But his jaw nearly dropped when he saw what the vampire was looking at.

Connor’s body was slumped against the door frame. His head was several feet away.

“Yes!” cried Abigail, pumping her fist in the air.

A blade, Titus realized. She had made a circular saw, which decapitated Connor. Incredible.

“Bloody hell!” the vampire next to the pipe gasped. He turned to Titus in disbelief. “What are you two?” Titus was about to protest that he had nothing to do with their headless friend. But the opportunity was soon lost.

“Who gives a fuck?” the other vampire screamed. “They killed Connor!” His shoulders heaved, his lips curled back in a snarl. “I . . . you . . .” He looked to the bar, growled something unintelligible, and flew at it, bellowing. Titus stood up, squared his shoulders, and bared his fangs. The other vampire’s hands were almost at his throat when, suddenly, his head was gone as well. His body fell to the floor; Titus barely had time to duck before the saw nearly clipped his own skull.

“Careful!” he shouted at Abigail. There was a loud thunk as the blade caught on a post, then tried to wrestle itself free.

“Sorry!” she cried. “I’m having a hard time—” The blade jerked out of the post and whizzed across the room to the opposite wall. “I’ve never done this before.” Abigail stood up and splayed her hands in front of her. She bit her lip as the blade flung itself back and forth at the concrete walls, giving off sparks.

She can’t control magic to save her life. And here I thought our problems ended with the street whelps.